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      Side gates and Shed doors

Frames & back supports - Scots Pine (pressure treated) 

" we recommend all our side gates and shed doors are either Painted or Stained after installation by our carpenters, for a more aesthetic look and also to seal in the treatment."

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We manufacture, customize, and install side gates and shed doors to your specifications. All side gates and shed doors are pressure treated, meaning that they are resistant to dry rot and woodworm.

Most importantly - all prices quoted have no hidden extras. 




Double side lockable throwlock,

Key operated both sides for extra security

supply and fit €159

Shiplap arch front.jpg


Shiplap side gates

pressure treated 

from €295

Summer Special  Beautiful Pressure-treated Scotts pine side gate - 3 ft x 7 ft

           supplied and fitted from €285                               

  • All of our side gates are made from pressure treated timber.

  • Pressure timber gates last up to twice as long as unpressurised gates.

  • Each gate comes with new framing, a new door stop, 2 galvanised hinges, and 1 galvanised pad bolt.

  • Delivery and installation are included in the €285 price.


*Price quoted is based on the average 3 ft wide gate.


All gates are:




Screw fixed


Gates come supplied with:


5 support braces

Pad bolt

2 hinges

  • All of our shed doors are made from pressure-treated timber.

  • Pressure timber shed doors last up to twice as long as unpressurised doors.

  • Each shed door comes with new framing, new door stop, 2  galvanised hinges, and 1  galvanised pad bolt.

  •  Delivery and installation are included in the €285 price.


*Price quoted is based on the average 3 ft wide door.


Mrs. Francis Kinsella Finglas (2019)

"It was a pleasure dealing with The Side Gate Man. He was courteous and efficient, and the job was lovely."

Orla Smith Baldoyle (2018)

"The Side Gate Man is someone that I would highly recommend, especially in this day. He did exactly what he said he would, and the price agreed was the price charged. I'm very happy with his work."

Mrs. Connie Scully Rathoath (2019)

"I would like to add my voice of approval to the service I received from The Side Gate Man, for his work and attention to detail. He even cleaned up the shavings when he was finished! I highly recommend him."

Dympna Kenny (2020)

"We had a new shed door fitted today. Very professional company to deal with from the initial fitting. The workman arrived on time and was very efficient in removing the old door as well as installing the new one. We are delighted with the service from start to finish, the new door brightens up our garden!"